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Try Everything Cargo Pants - Techwear Official
Summer Rhythm Jogger Pants - Techwear Official
Heavyweight Techwear Cargo Pants - Techwear Official
Outdoor Waterproof Camo Casual Pants
Techwear Oversize Multi-Pocket Black Camo Pants
No More Fears Camo Jogger Pants - Techwear Official
To Forget You Reflective Pants - Techwear Official
Ski Wear Functional Unisex Cargo Snow Pants
Techwear Big Pocket Street Pants - Techwear Official
Summer Vibe Ice Silk Jogger Pants - Techwear Official
Ski Wear Baggy Style Snow Pants

Ski Wear Baggy Style Snow Pants

Techwear Ice Silk Quick-Drying Pants
Gravity Down Paratrooper Pocket Pants
Let Love Continue RO Cargo Pants - Techwear Official
Out Work Sweatpants - Techwear Official
Yamamoto Japanese Cargo Pants
Samurai Functional Patchwork Pants - Techwear Official
Ski Wear Baggy Zip Snowboard Unisex Snow Pants
Ski Wear Super Baggy Snow Pants
Pretty Boy Techwear Cargo Pants - Techwear Official
Summer Travel Ice Silk Jogger Pants - Techwear Official
Functional Pocket Ribbon Cargo Pants
Functional Big Pocket Cargo Pants - Techwear Official
Summer Lyrics Ice Silk Patchwork Pants - Techwear Official
Functional Patchwork Jogger Pants
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Summer Picnic Ice Silk Drawstring Jogger Pants - Techwear Official
On The Move Cargo Pants - Techwear Official
Ski Wear Neon Reflective Cargo Snow Pants
XIPHEVIL Operative Cyberpunk Detachable Two-Piece Pants
Outdoor Stretch Straight Pants
Japanese Samurai Hakama Pants

The Ultimate Guide To Get Your Favorite Techwear Pants

Is this the first time you've come across the term techwear? As you can see, at Techwear Official, we're all about layering stylish tech wear pants with other types of garments such as hoodies and vests.

Read on to discover why this Asian trend is quickly becoming the future of fashion and consumer street style.

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What is Techwear?

Techwear is the short form of technical wear. As the name suggests, most tech wear clothing is made out of highly specialized, manufactured fibers that have been specially created to adapt to the wearer's environment.


Around the 2010s, techwear went from a style contained to the streets of Japan and South Korea to entering Western culture. As well as being its own unique style, tech wear is often combined with other urban aesthetics such as cyberpunk and even ninja-inspired pieces.


Our Favorite Techwear Pants

We know our impressive selection of tech wear pants can get a little overwhelming. Not to worry, we have the perfect countdown of our favorite techwear pants.


Bonus: watch out for techwear cargo pants below. Cargo pants are a hugely important style milestone for techwear lovers everywhere.


On the Move Cargo Pants

Get moving. The perfect techwear cargo pants for when you're on the move and need plenty of comfort and pocket space to get through the day. In stylish black with comfortable cuffs to style inside boots or high socks. You may want to combine this with the Techwear Grey Cargo Shirt for an additional pocket and contrasting shade.


Techwear Bushido Pants

Not all techwear is all about the future. Sometimes we have to look back at the days of old Japan. The bushido tech wear pants are directly inspired by Japanese Samurai pants but obviously feature premium, modern machine washable materials. Carry on the legacy.


Fear Turtle Nina Pants

Yes, we have been all about the black on grey, but why not introduce some white and beige into your tech wear trousers? These comfortably baggy pants feature a button closure. They are available in blue and green with the tell-tale accent light beige. For an even more tech effect, the bottom of the pants features a velcro closure.


Techwear Women Pants

We are not leaving the ladies out of this amazing trend. Want to look like you've stepped out of a Kojima video game? Then these techwear women's pants will upgrade your style to The Boss in no time. The chain makes this outfit fit in with military, cyberpunk, and futuristic techwear. Combine with a fantastic pair of high boots to make them even cooler.


Up Side Down Game Pants

the military camouflage adds a certain something to these techwear pants. Their 34" inseam makes them perfect for taller fashion lovers or for the perfect slouchy fit. What's that? A transformative zipper turns these techwear cargo pants into cargo shorts in less than a minute. We tested it with a stopwatch and everything, so you'll never be caught out when the weather suddenly turns much hotter than expected.


Why are Techwear Pants the Future of Fashion?


Techwear has gone from being a very niche trend to rising rapidly in popularity over the last few years. Since techwear's roots are in military utilitarianism, the pieces are comfortable, easy to care for, and often feature enough pockets to get you through the day. If you want to be on the cutting-edge of style, you should invest in some high-quality techwear pants.


About: Techwear Official


At Techwear Official, we have made it our mission to give the techwear fashion community the high-quality pieces they need to round out their urban ninja aesthetic.


With more affordable, high-quality pieces dropping on our website every week, you can always find something new to show off. We proudly offer free shipping when you spend over $100, which isn't hard to do with all our exciting pieces.


Check out our techwear masks for that finishing touch to your outfit. If you have any questions, our friendly team is always on hand to help with questions about orders or styling choices. Just drop us a quick message here.


Happy shopping and Tech-wearing to you from the Techwear Official team.