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XGXF Cyberpunk Hooded Jacket

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Techwear Jacket – Blending Fashion and Technology

Merging functions has been a trend in technology for over a decade.  Cell phones are seldom use for the calling function. Watches are no longer simply for ‘telling time.’ The fashion industry has latched on to this ‘merging strategy’ with a line of clothing referred to as Techwear. Take the traditional tactical, militaristic, highly functional active wear, marry it with lighter fabrics, looser more airy cuts, and you have what it today’s urban techwear style. Clothing that is durable and highly functional and now stylish enough to catch the attention of a new generation of fashionistas.

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Fabrics used in the construction of Techwear are selected to create comfortable garments while maximizing functionality. Additionally, high performance clothing needs to be extremely breathable. Techwear is the perfect fit and style, whether out in the elements or out on the town.

We all seek to make things simpler, use fewer steps, and get more ‘bang for our buck’. Techwear garments allow us to stay dry, tote more and look good, all at the same time.  Here are some of the unique features that define Techwear gear:

  1. Waterproof and Breathable – the Gore family’s introduction and development of Teflon-based Gore-Tex created a material that allowed vapor to pass through and yet repel water. Allowing sweat to wick away and vaporize increases comfort and prevents the eventual chill that would happen if the sweat were trapped against the skin. The use of this amazing product in the construction of garments has given Techwear superb capabilities.
  2. Maximum maneuverability - Techwear allows for the maximum flexibility and comfort. Feel comfortable, whether you are in the gym, on a biking or backpacking in the forest. Garments are tailored with movement in mind, eliminating restrictions in range of motion.
  3. Ample storage compartments - Techwear clothing is built to carry all those must-haves for your day of adventure, whether you head to the great outdoors or the concrete jungle. Each Techwear garment is equipped with great pockets for hiking and camping.

One of the essential pieces of any outdoor wardrobe is the Techwear jacket. Traditional extreme weather clothing included down, wool, and canvas, resulting in bulky, heavy outerwear. Flexibility was sacrificed for warmth and water protection.

The Techwear winter jacket uses polyester, cotton and spandex to create a stylish look with maximum warmth for cold weather. The flexibility of spandex allows for free movement, the cotton creates natural insulation and polyester is durable and looks good for a long time. This modern cut, inspired by cyberpunk and futuristic looks, allows you to keep warm, move about freely and turn heads with style.

The Techwear bomber jacket takes a classic favorite and turns it up a couple notches. Rather than traditional leather construction, the use of polyester and spandex make care and cleaning much easier. There’s no need to worry about cracking, drying leather.  Additional pockets provide extra utility for storing wallets, phones and other necessities. These modern fabrics are completely machine-washable.  Enjoy the Techwear bomber , where classic is also contemporary.

If you’re out in the rain or wind for an extended period of time, you may find the long Techwear jacket more to your liking. The jacket hits mid-calf for maximum coverage. You’ll find the Techwear Tactical Softshell jackets a lighter version, still fully functional to protect against the weather but a less bulky look. Take on your sleek and stealthy Ninja persona, while not giving up pocket space and functionality.If you’re looking for a more breathable jacket in milder winter conditions, the softshell jacket would be the better choice.  The hardshell jackets are great as an outer layer and can be stacked up with mid-layer garments to increase the insulation factor.

Techwear jackets are available in a variety of designs to suit your specific need and style. For extreme protection around your face and look sharp, consider the jacket with a fur-lined hood.  Or, if you are concerned about night-time safety, Techwear offers a jacket with reflective striping. Trek in the woods in stealth mode with the cargo jacket in camouflage print.  Whether for function or fashion, the variety of jackets offers you multiple options.

Other Techwear products will help you gear up for your next adventure. Techwear backpacks and bags are constructed with practical options, such as laptop compartments. The same great design and utility are built into these handy accessories.

Don’t forget to complete the look with Techwear pants. Constructed with the same flexibility and comfort in mind, Techwear pants will move with you, keep you comfortable with breathable, waterproof fabric. A built-in modular design allows for adjustment of fit based on what you may be carrying.

From head to toe, on a trek or on the town, Techwear jackets and accessories will keep you warm, dry and styling.  Check out the entire Techwear line.