Got Me Wanting Cyberpunk Mask


Available In Black. Premium material: PC Red light. Caution: This floating belt letters randomly sent.(LOVE,FASHION,Supreme,etc.) It comes along with a Balaclava for free. Note in advance: Masks are custom models, dispatch time is 7-14 days,orders cannot be...

Don't Call Me King Mask


Available In Black. Fastens Easily Around The Ears Covers Mouth And Nose Final Sale Reusable These masks are fitted with ear loops for your comfort

Kick Them Out Rivet Mask


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Tomorrow Comes Never Protective Mask


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Will He Show Up Mask


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Fast and Furious Mask


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A Whole New World Air Pollution Face Mask


Available In Black. Nylon, spandex. Women's techwear and men's techwear.

Lendo Calendo Skull Mask


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Thinking Deep Down Mask


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Never Say Die Resin Mask


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Metaverse Shock Cyberpunk Mask


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Fantastic Voyage Cyberpunk Mask


Available In Black. It comes along with a balaclava and a set of stickers for free. Premium material: PC Note in advance: Masks are custom models, dispatch time is 7-14...

The Rise Of Techwear Cyberpunk Masks

From post-apocalyptic gas masks to Ghost in the Shell-inspired creations, we’ve witnessed an influx in techwear masks recently. And not just the Covid-19 mandatory masks – no, we’re talking about something with a more edgy and futuristic design that prioritizes aesthetics and comfort.

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But what actually is the techwear outfits trend, and why has it risen to popularity? Keep reading this article to get the low-down on the cyberpunk mask trend.


Techwear Mask Vs. Cyberpunk Mask

Although often grouped together, the techwear and cyberpunk masks have distinctly different styles and purposes.

What Is Techwear?

Techwear masks are frequently made from technical fabrics like GORE-TEX and Primaloft nylon, offering breathability and water resistance to battle any elements. They’re performance-driven, resistant, yet comfortable – the perfect finishing touch for any techwear outfit.

Since techwear facemasks are made from specialist fabrics, their main message is often to prioritize function and practicality over aesthetics. They protect against air pollution, fit comfortably around your face, and keep you feeling protected.

However, this doesn’t mean that techwear outfits can’t be stylish. Sprinkled with an air of mystery and futuristic intrigue, techwear will make you long for a post-apocalyptic lifestyle outside the norm.

In particular, this creative expression has propelled the look into the midst of streetwear style, signaling the birth of urban techwear. This offers an edgy yet wearable form of artistic expression where aesthetic quality meets high performance. This perfect blend is definitely where the future of fashion lies.

To summarise, techwear masks combine technology and fashion for clothing that can be adopted in all circumstances – no wonder everyone is loving this look lately! And since the mask is often the main accessory for techwear looks, it’s a must-have.

We offer a range of half- and full-face techwear masks to use either in everyday life or for cosplay. Many of our masks are equipped with anti-pollution filters and printed with patterns or logos to match your style, whether you’re after a wearable accessory or a more avant-garde style.


What Is Cyberpunk?

Cyberpunk masks, on the other hand, combine the dystopian, counter-culture movement that ‘punk’ typifies with computer technology and progressive transhumanism. They’re illustrious and elaborate, embracing futuristic designs worthy of science fiction movies.

In terms of outfits, this futuristic aesthetic features excessive pockets, regimented silhouettes – everything to make you feel like a cyborg or transhuman straight out of the future. And the facemasks, often inspired by popular films, anime, and geek universes, take this one step further.

It’s not unexpected to see tech-heavy masks with LEDs or inspired by advanced technology – you’re trying to fit into a cyberpunk universe, after all. Rather than for everyday wear, these masks are more commonly seen at raves and during cosplay.

We sell a variety of cyberpunk masks to meet your desires, fitting both understated and eye-catching looks. We cover everything from gas masks with spikes for the traditional post-apocalyptic look, Oni masks inspired by Japanese manga, or full-face masks to complete the high-tech cyborg appearance.


Why Masks Are Gaining Popularity Worldwide

While we’ve definitely seen an increase in facemask wearing since the Covid-19 pandemic began and social distancing measures were introduced, techwear masks existed long before this.

Where did techwear originate?

What we’ve come to know as techwear was originally designed by mountaineers in the 70s, who developed technical textiles like GORE-TEX to help provide breathable protection from the cold. This technology is still used in almost all jackets today and many other techwear outfits.

The revival of this look was driven by workers in the field who needed specialist clothing and equipment to perform their tasks to their full abilities, hence why many aspects of the techwear style come from security guards, law enforcement officers, and members of the military.

This basic, necessity-driven approach to techwear completely changed more recently, as the style was adopted by the cosplay and geek communities. Not only did this cause a huge spike in popularity, but these innovative, detail-driven minds also produced cyberpunk and techwear masks that were stylish and visionary in design.


Worries of infection

The pandemic has certainly propelled the popularity of facemask wearing, as many people are now more conscious about airborne pathogens and contracting infections in social spaces. Techwear masks are designed with air ventilation in mind, allowing you to breathe normally while filtrating the air.

With the rise in environmental worry and pollution levels, many people have also found themselves voluntarily wearing facemasks in busier industrial environments. And at a time of unceasing ecological disaster, the inherent sustainability and durability of techwear outfits make them even more popular.

Physical comfort

Techwear also uses technology to its advantage to keep you feeling comfortable. Some masks offer full UV protection and an SPF rating, whereas others have built-in heating elements to keep you cold in harsher climates. The versatility of these items means that almost everyone could benefit from wearing a techwear facemask.

Techwear masks also feature user-driven features like integrated nose wires and adjustable ear loops to provide a perfect fit, making them a more popular choice than typical alternatives.

The evolution of street style

Another reason why techwear masks have gained popularity is due to being up-taken by urban communities creating streetwear clothing. Like a lot of their creations, this stemmed from adapting fashion intended for hiking and mountaineering and commandeering it as their own.

Urban techwear as we know it is mainly inspired by mountaineer’s suits and other technical outfits, using technology to create a more futuristic, post-apocalyptic look.


Masks and Rave Culture

Whereas many techwear masks can be worn in everyday life, a lot of the more elaborate cyberpunk creations are more befitting for raves and events.

The history of masks and parties

While raves and masks may be synonymous these days, it was actually the French who invented party masks back in the 16th century. Wealthy people started wearing masks with lavish costumes to wild masquerade balls and galas. People were eager to express themselves and escape from strict societal norms, as well as wearing intricate and often beautiful facemask creations.

The pull of fashion in raves

These days, masks are widely worn at raves to fit their niche style requirements. While there’s no strict dress code for these events, the overriding theme is to have fun and stand out from the crowd. Rave culture embodies excess and expression, and what better way to do that than with cyberpunk-inspired masks?

Rave facemasks can be absolutely everything – cyberpunk superheroes, all-over spike creations, LED Purge-inspired masks, and much more. And combined with fun accessories like neon hair extensions, harnesses, face gems, and paint splatters, you can seriously level up your look.

Protection from the elements

Outdoor rave masks are also notoriously dusty and a hotbed for spreading germs. While wearing a techwear mask will make you look stylish, you can also relax knowing that you’re protected from the elements and any unwanted airborne particulates.

Anonymity and social media

Rave culture is ultimately about letting loose and having fun, yet the social media age offers repercussions for this. With cameras capturing everything and people constantly posting, many people prefer to retreat from the spotlight and wear a facemask to go incognito.

If you’re worried about being recognized or your boss stumbling upon photos from your weekend rave session, we offer a selection of showstopping full-face cyberpunk masks that’ll fit in perfectly at any event without compromising your identity.


Masks Inspired by Futuristic Movies

The inspiration for many techwear masks is movies and video games, especially those set in science fiction and dystopian worlds. This genre airs on believability – a world where advanced computer technology has caused hyperconnectivity and caused people to be docile and disillusioned.

The techwear aesthetic is strongly influenced by these futuristic, technology-driven styles such as cyberpunk.

One particular inspiration for many is Ghost in the Shell, a manga and anime featuring two cyborgs, Motoko Kusanagi and Batô, as the main characters. While some have straight-up duplicated these masks, many others have used the themes of transhumanism and technology to transform the human condition to inspire various techwear outfits.

Battle Angel Alita is another manga that has been particularly influential, telling the story of a young cyborg girl with no memories of who she is. The combination of girliness with harsh mechanical technology has been an inspiration for many future facemasks.

Other popular films and video games have also influenced this space, with everything from Fast and Furious to Overwatch acting as inspirations.

We sell a large selection of cyberpunk and urban techwear masks, so we can guarantee there’ll be a post-apocalyptic offering for everyone. Check out our shop now to find yours.

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