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One Better Buckle Crop Top

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Dragon Tank Top

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A Boy Like You Chest Bag

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Brave Heart Sport T-Shirt

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5 Female Techwear Items to Look Snazzy in 2022

Looking for stylish and functional clothing for your daily routine? If you want some techwear clothing in the market, and you’ve come to the right place.

Please check the hottest women’s techwear clothes here at Tech Wear Official, and try to find out if these features speak to your distinct style and preferences.

Ready? Let’s go. 

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What exactly is tech wear? 


It’s urban apparel technically detailed for convenience and made with high-quality fabrics for comfort. A lot of today’s tech wear was first inspired by the invention of Gore-Tex in 1969 (lightweight, water-repelling technology) by Wilbert L. Gore and his son. Since then, many have adopted the philosophy of clothing that does more than just cover your body. 

Whether it’s through cargo pockets, hidden compartments, or weatherproof coating, techwear has become so popular because its purpose is to make your life easier while looking sleek – a growing asset in our busy, modern world.   

What’s so cool about techwear? 

Technology & fabric.Techwear is appealing because it combines advanced fabrics and features with modern urban styles. The materials are often ultralight, breathable, windproof, water-repellant, and moisture-wicking.Aesthetics.Techwear isn't just one item of clothing - it's a uniform. Our modern-day battle with the elements calls for a paramilitary look. In minimalist design, muted tones (especially black) are preferred to bright colors, with sleek and seamless lines.The Techwear Sweatshirt: Unlock your inner goth.

A play on the classic gothic style, this unique top is made with our premium black polyester, cotton, and spandex materials, making this sweatshirt stretchy and comfy enough to wear all day. It is loose fitting, low hanging, has long decorative sleeves and a large reference print on the front that illustrates its unique style while keeping you warm.

The high fur collar is designed to block the incoming wind and keep your neck cozy. This sweatshirt comes with a tightening drawstring to ensure your garment stays snug against your body.

When it comes to women’s techwear, it's a great choice for windy fall and spring days where the sun isn't blazing hot. You can also wear it under a jacket on the winter days for an underlying layer of warmth.

Turn heads with a Chain-strapped Crop Top

This is a must-have piece for any gothic-styled female wardrobe. The chain-strap black crop top is perfect for layering and can be worn on its own on the summer days. It's made with high-quality spandex that hugs your body and accentuates your curves.

It has a defining illustration of barbed wire, which symbolizes your high standards for not letting just anyone into your heart. Or it can just be a cool design. That's the beauty of it. Your style, your meaning.

The Night Nice To Me Full-Zip Hoodie

This full-zip oversized black hoodie is one of our more popular techwear pieces that will keep you comfortable and warm in colder climates. 

It has two front pockets that are ideal for carrying your phone, wallet, or keys. And the hood is great for those days when you just want to keep your head down and focus on your own thoughts. In fact, if you're in the mood for complete isolation, don't hesitate with the full-length zip in a hoodie that can cover your entire face.

What’s unique about this piece is the two pairs of freely hanging drawstrings at the end of each sleeve. The top of the hood also has a distinctive calligraphic text–like the cherry on top.

Make a statement with The Buckle Crop Top

This is one of our most popular items for women who are into cyberpunk techwear aesthetics. The multiplex buckle straps accentuate your torso and secure a form-fitting look, giving it the edge that other crop tops don't have.

The Buckle Crop Top comes in black so you can mix and match it with different items in your wardrobe. And the straps are adjustable, so you can get the perfect fit every time.

The Butterfly Skull T-Shirt

This is a techwear staple for any woman who wants to show their edgy side. This cotton t-shirt stands out with a unique graphic design of an x-ray of a rib cage with colorful butterflies filling its hollow interior—printed with high quality ink that will not fade from washing.

If you’re looking for a versatile piece of women’s techwear, this is perfect for layering or wearing on its own. The black color goes with everything, so you can create endless outfits with just this one piece. Enjoy the comfort and flaunt your distinct style with this oversized Butterfly Skull tee.

Parting Words

These are just a few of the many women's technology items available in our store. So, if you want to stay ahead of the trends, be sure to check out the latest arrivals on our website.