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Techwar, Warcore, and Futuristic Clothing: The Subcultures Making Waves

Streetwear has been hailed as more than just clothing, but a movement of ideas, cultural shifts and art. And it’s time to make room for reimagined waves of apparel as techwear, warcore style, and futuristic clothing gain popularity on a global scale.

Making notable noise across the innovative stage of high fashion, catwalks bursting are with the magnetic features of these unique trends. With their distinctive edges, these movements are here to revolutionise not only how we dress but the communities and collectives behind the artistic expression. From haute couture houses to everyday looks, these are subcultures that have shaken up significant impact already. Yet there is still a lot of confusion and blurred lines related to these three emerging style trends.

When comparing these different styles, strong similarities can be drawn between the three. All three often draw from similar aesthetic features, whether that’s the colors, shapes, and cuts used. For instance, black and grey monochromatic tones run heavily throughout the palette of all three. But, each movement uniquely strikes against the grain, with its own distinguishing and utilitarian features.

Here, we uncover the lucid worlds of techwear, warcore style, and futuristic clothing and the defining differences between these striking trends so that you can master each one yourself.



In a world obsessed with wearable technology and gadgets, it can often be easy to assume that this is a movement geared towards just that. A digital-defined sense of style, but, in reality, the opposite rings true.

Even though it's hailed as the apparel of the future, the art of techwear style ultimately lies in its humble simplicity. There’s the obvious intention behind each and every stitch. When it comes to dressing in this way, essentially, functionality is king. Imagine breathable and durable fabrics but fused with sleek and minimalist styles. Apparel were high-quality and advanced technology fabrics, merge with urban cuts and figure-hugging silhouettes. In a climate where disposable looks have surged to become the norm, techwear’s focus on durability has been hailed as a refreshing groundbreaker in fashion subculture and one that could help protect the planet.

At its core, techwear style is an enhanced take on everyday styling. Practicality, with an all-important urban twist. It is unmistakable, a collective uniform recognised by its refined and purpose-built and form-fitting looks.

*Basics For a Techwear Wardrobe

These essentials are usually hailed for their tactical and hidden pockets, zippers, and clever layering. For instance, our Techwear Pants is built with an array of intelligently distributed pockets made from resistant and lightweight materials. Perfect for carrying your essentials and being completely hands-free and on the go.

The purpose-built focus of techwear is especially clear in the case of wallets and bumbags, usually complete with a plethora of compartments. See our Techwear Bumbag, geared to optimisation, with adjustable buckles and removable compartments.

Nuances can exist within a techwear wardrobe, especially at the level to which functionality is required. For example, items geared to high-activity movement outdoors versus pieces echoing the artistic elements of streetwear. At its crux, though, techwear style can be coined down to its emphasis on high quality and durability. Purpose and function at its heart and prioritised over fashion. When wearing this style, you should be able to move freely but without compromising on carrying everything you deem fit. And notice how the color-pallets are kept dark, sophisticated, and edgy! There are no soft pastels or bright and fluorescent colors to catch the attention of passers-by.



The heart of warcore beats towards its military-inspired utilitarian aspects, a creative dimension beyond the high-quality fits of techwear. Combat boots and backpacks might come to mind. Often, this creativity is drawn even further; helmets and gun holders have all surged in popularity to complete a uniform that compliments this unique sense of style. Pushing existing boundaries of heavy-duty visionary fashion, riot shields have also landed in the world of warcore accessories. Take inspiration from our bullet vest techwear here.

Even when considering the finer details, tactical gloves and caps can often be found in a warcore wardrobe. Fashion, but hyper-optimized to match a post-apocalyptic and heavy-duty military feel. When wearing this look, you must be ready for action at all times.

*How To Style These Two Individual Looks

Knowing the principles of techwear style is perhaps key in underpinning the dynamic differences between the two.

Warcore style could be described as a creative branch of techwear. On the surface, both looks actually share similar aesthetic elements. Dark shades, a shared focus on practicality, and sleek cuts ripple through both. But, it is so much more, an expression inspired by a strong and underlining military focus.

The aesthetic differences between these two looks even ripple through at a subtle level. The main looks are usually styled to monochromatic muted black and grey hues, but in its militarisation of fashion, it strikes a heavy cord with the inclusion of khaki and camouflage tones. Its silhouettes and cuts are sharper, too, mirroring the eerie post-apocalyptic feel that warcore crafts.  

And, like its counterpart, it is no stranger to making waves on an international stage. Ingenious high fashion houses are all the more incorporating combat elements within their seasonal collections. It's certain that this particular trend will continue to leave a crater of inspiration throughout creative communities.



Now let’s talk about futuristic clothing and how this is different.

Think compelling and dynamic looks, innovating and pushing the boundaries of expectation. Loved by those who seek to refine the norm and chase the dizzy heights of making unprecedented new waves within subcultures of style as we know it. Perfect for urban explorers of fashion who follow imagination, heavily inspired by elements of cyberpunk. A world where cyberpunk and sci-fi aesthetics collide within the realm of modern life.

It is believed that the movement surged in popularity during the late 1980s, with its high-tech, low-life ethos. Paying homage to the rise of sci-fi popularity that grew during the eighties and films alike Matric, Blade Runner, and Ghost in the Shell.

*Playful Pieces to Complete a Futuristic Wardrobe

Geometric masks and helmets make visionary and dystopian statements in a futuristic wardrobe. Our Cyberpunk Futuristic Helmet embodies animalistic features for an ironically unearthly feel. The same could be said for pieces and accessories incorporating creature-like features often seen within this style. Again, playing with the boundaries of dream-like expression and the modern day.

Futuristic clothing cements its place as a stylistic form of visionary art with the incorporation of LED light. See our Got Me Wanting Cyberpunk Mask, complete with playful incorporation of neon lights, rippling with cyberpunk influence.

For a more subtle nod to the sci-fi-esque popularity of futuristic clothing, mirror-effect and cylinder glasses are a favored choice. For instance, our Cyberpunk Futuristic Glasses.


Key Similarities Between All Styles

At its core, futuristic clothing is also geared to durability and high-quality finishes, much like the other two styles. Accessories are often crafted with a bespoke feel, subcultures focused on individuality and expression rather than the mass production of generic looks.

Key Differences Between All Trends

Where techwear has its roots planted in everyday functionality, and warcore's focus is on military-inspired utilitarian purposes; and clothing geared towards a futuristic world derives its inspiration from the dream-like imagination of cyberpunk.

Where techwear and warcore favor sharp silhouettes, futuristic clothing embraces geometric elements and shapes. Bold and fantastical accessories for awe-inspiring impact, often drawing from the playful backdrop of anime for expression.

Like its counterparts, clothing with a futuristic vibe often embraces shades of gray and black. But, as well as gothic shades, this trend strays close to vibrant experimentation. In fact, it strays outside the monochromatic norms of techwear and warcore to incorporate neon hues and holographic tones.

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