Rave Festivals 2022 & Techwear Outfit Ideas

Rave Festivals 2022 & Techwear Outfit Ideas - Techwear Official

2022 marks the return of rave festivals and music events as we once knew them, with many fans swarming to get tickets for these full-capacity celebrations. Not only does EDM, house, and dance music promise vibrant lights and showstopping performances, but people go all-out with creative rave outfits to dance the night away in.

Keep reading this article to hear our round-up of the hottest raves to visit in 2022 and the techwear outfits you need to rave in style.

Best Rave Festivals Around the World in 2022

There’s absolutely no shortage of headline-grabbing rave festivals across the globe, offering everything from big-room house to trance and everything in between. Just get your tickets quick, as you won’t want to miss these sell-out celebrations.

Creamfields (Daresbury, UK)

Born from Liverpool’s club scene in the 90s, Creamfields has transformed into an iconic rave across Britain and the country’s largest EDM festival. The event, which takes place on the UK’s August Bank Holiday weekend, promises cutting-edge stage performances and an atmosphere you won’t experience anywhere else. 25-28th August 2022.

AMF (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Amsterdam Music Festival caters to over 100,000 rave fans across three of the city’s largest venues. You’ll experience dance music legends (Martin Garrix and Tiesto are among this year’s star-studded line-up), vast untamed crowds, and visual production that’s out of this world. 22nd October 2022.

Mysteryland (Haarlemmermeer, The Netherlands)

The Netherlands is clearly the place to go for raucous rave festivals! Mysteryland is the country’s oldest EDM festival and has even spawned its own USA spin-off. Alongside the top-class tunes, you can expect to immerse in the mystery with gigantic sculptures, trippy art installations, and light shows. 26th-28th August 2022.

Djakarta Warehouse Project (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Humbly starting as a local nightclub event, this EDM festival has spiraled into one of Asia’s largest and most eclectic dance festivals. With past headliners, including the likes of Carl Cox, Major Lazer, and Lost Frequencies, you’ll be guaranteed to dance into the early hours of the morning with this spectacular showcase. 9th-11th December 2022.

Ultra Japan (Tokyo, Japan)

Ultra has a global circuit of rave festivals with staggering attendance numbers, but there’s perhaps no beating their Tokyo iteration. Step into another world with a line-up of trance, dubstep, electro, house music and so much more. You’ll definitely want to be there for this festival’s much-anticipated return. 17th-18th September 2022.

Imagine Festival (Atlanta, USA)

Get down to the hottest house and EDM beats this September as Imagine Festivals makes its comeback. Their otherworldly event is guaranteed to wow you, with everything from impressive stage designs to lively crowds keeping the party going all weekend. 15th-18th September 2022.

Electric Zoo (New York City, USA)

This internationally renowned festival has raves everywhere from Mexico City to Shanghai, but the New York City one is a must-see. It features all the top names in EDM music from around the world, offering a spectrum of sub-genres to get down to. Immerse yourself in this transcendental experience, you won’t regret it. 2nd-4th September 2022.

Honourable Mention

While we’ve got you covered with an unbeatable list of rave festivals for 2022, we couldn’t help but include an honorable mention that we’ve narrowly missed. You’ll want to get your tickets sorted now!

Tomorrowland in Belgium is the world’s largest EDM festival, managing to sell 400,000 tickets in only 45 minutes in 2019. It’s still the one to beat after more than a decade of its awe-inspiring mythology and unbeatable dance music to match. You’ll have to wait until next July to experience this exhilarating experience.

How To Achieve Rave Style

So you’ve got your tickets sorted for a selection of rave festivals this year, now you just need an outfit to match! Rave style is the perfect way to express yourself, showing off your unique personality and creative flair. Since fashion is often just as important as music at current-day raves, you’ll want rave outfits that set the tone.

To dance and socialize in style, look towards some of these trending rave outfits for women.

Reflective clothing

Light up the night with a reflective outfit that’s guaranteed to stand out within the huge crowds. What might originally look like a standard rave outfit will cause an eye-catching glow that rivals the intense lights and stage productions. Some reflective garments are even activated by the flash on your phone camera, instantly transforming your rave style.

We sell a variety of reflective pieces, including our To Forget You Reflective Pants that are flexible and lightweight to let you feel comfortable and dance your heart out at any rave festival. Or, if you’re looking for rave outfits for women, our Midnight Chat Me Reflective Top is guaranteed to turn heads as your phone’s flash creates a showstopping look.


Regardless of the weather or season, an all-black outfit can be a subtle yet sultry look for any raves. Keep your color palette and instead elevate your rave style with bold chains, cut-out details, and edgy accessories that’ll leave you looking undeniably edgy.

Our monochromatic techwear outfits are a great place to start for practical and weather-resistant pieces – no ruining your rave with itchy fabrics! Start with the Summer Adventure Ice Silk t-shirt – its lightweight fabric and draped fit will keep you feeling cool while rocking out on the dancefloor.

Trippy neon

Monochrome not quite your vibe? Do a complete 180 and adorn yourself in loud neon outfits to make a lasting impression. We’ve seen many people put a modern twist on the bright ’80s style. There’s no better way to embrace the fun of festivals than with the trippiest, loudest rave outfits for women.

We recommend our neon green In Portrait Mode Contrast top – the luminous colors and cut-out style are bang on trend right now. Keep the trippy, color-distorting rave style going with our Travel to the Future Lightweight Goggles – they’ll transform your rave experience with a burst of neon color.

Must-Have Accessories For Rave Festivals

Accessories are an easy way to upgrade your rave style while also staying protected and comfortable during the intense environments of rave festivals. Here are the essentials that you need to try.

Rave Glasses

Rave festivals don’t shy away from intense strobe lights, lasers, and other eye-catching light designs, so a pair of sunglasses may be essential to protect sensitive eyes. Glasses can also level up your rave outfits by opting for psychedelic or cyber creations, making the visuals even trippier than before.

We sell a selection of cyberpunk goggles, so there’ll be something for everyone.

Techwear Bags

Keep your valuables close to your chest with a chest rig – these will complete any techwear outfits while giving you peace of mind. You’ll avoid unnecessary back pain and keep all of your essentials safely stowed so you can rave to your heart’s content. Our You Raise Me Up Chest Bag is the perfect size for keeping your necessities nearby without overloading yourself with items.

Complete Your Rave Outfits With A Facemask

Whether it’s to protect your lungs from the floating debris and dust at rave festivals, to maintain your anonymity or to level up your rave style, a trippy and stylish facemask is an absolute essential. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites that are festival-ready.

Cyberpunk LED Mask

Stand out amongst the blaring lights, and visual performances with a cyberpunk cat LED mask. Inspired by the famous anime Kimetsu No Yaiba, this Japanese-inspired mask will leave everyone lusting over your rave outfits. The crowd won’t have seen anything similar to this, we can guarantee.

Leather Mask With Zipper Mouth

Want easy access to your drinks throughout the night, yet still want to be stylish? Techwear outfits prioritize comfort and practicality while still looking great, and this zipper mouth mask is no exception to the rule.

Air Pollution Face Mask

Anti-pollution masks are equipped with valves that facilitate breathing while filtering out unwanted particulates from the air, so you don’t need to worry about infection or pollution during your rave festivals. And unlike boring Covid-19 mandatory masks, these will fit cohesively with your rave style.

Tactical Mask With LED Glasses

The To All Know My Name Tactical Mask is one of our most durable options, fitting to your head perfectly for the ultimate control. Ski mask meets cyberpunk with this quirky addition to any techwear outfits, and it also features remote control-activated LEDs to transform the trippy visuals at your festival.

Cyberpunk Gas Mask Art With Glasses

Sometimes, the only answer is to go big or go home when attending a rave, and our Conservation of Energy Mask offers the whole package. From jaw-dropping LED lights, untamed dreadlocks, and an iconic cyberpunk style, this elaborate creation is the perfect choice for a cosplay or costume party as well as any rave festival.

We sell a large selection of cyberpunk-inspired rave outfits for women and men, so you can express yourself to the max. Check out our home store to find your perfect fit, ready to attend some showstopping rave festivals in the rest of 2022.


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