What Does Your Techwear Outfit Say About Your Personality

What Does Your Techwear Outfit Say About Your Personality - Techwear Official

What Does Your Techwear Outfit Say About Your Personality

Techwear is often believed to be a style of clothing that fuses functional, high-quality materials with an element of dystopian fantasy and futurism. In reality, techwear style has various different aesthetics, encompassing everything from the battle-ready warcore to a sci-fi-inspired cyberpunk look.

But did you know that your choice of techwear outfit may reveal a lot about your personality and interests? After all, techwear style is a form of expression and says a lot about you as a person!

Whether you want an insight into what you can wear or how your existing techwear wardrobe can reflect your personality, keep reading on as we fill you in on this futuristic style.

What is this techwear style?

Warcore takes inspiration from military and utilitarian aspects of clothing for a look that’s been lifted straight from the battlefield.

On a lower leveltactical combat boots and backpacks are frequently worn alongside performance-driven tactical gloves that are reminiscent of war attire. Most frequently, these are in solid black or camouflage so as to avoid drawing attention.

However, these techwear outfits push the boundaries one step further, with items like gas masks, riot shields, and bulletproof-style tactical vests with numerous compartments frequently adopted for a heavy-duty military feel.

What does it say about your personality?

This style doesn’t mean that you’re violent. Warcore is a survivalist style, and the people who wear it will be ready for action at all times.

Strength and power will be some of your key attributes, but you’re also the defensive type who will stick up for others whenever they need it.

Bravery is your strong suit, but you have the high performance to match it.

What is this techwear style?

Sci-fi and futuristic clothing is another branch of techwear that looks toward future innovations. This techwear style has its roots in popular sci-fi classics like The Matrix, Blade Runner, and Ghost in the Shell.

The color palette is still monochromatic, but it fuses together a grandeur that’s undeniably from the future with an air of intrigue.

Expect showstopping long jackets alongside mechanical techwear masks to make regular appearances within this sub-style.

What does it say about your personality?

People who wear sci-fi and futuristic clothing are people who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries or defy public expectations.

You want to refine the norm and step outside of the box, but there’ll also be an undeniable mystery about you, making it hard to pin you down.

You’re innovative, wild, and the antithesis of being stuck in your ways, meaning your friends are always in store for a fun adventure.

What is this techwear style?

Cyberpunk clothing takes inspiration from neon lights, omnipresent computer networks, and a blurred distinction between man and machine. In a future dystopia where hyperconnectivity and disillusionment have taken over, the techwear clothing style definitely reflects this.

The cyberpunk style is the opposite of subtle – think eccentric techwear masks and headgear with glowing LEDs or full-body costumes that look like they’re straight from a movie set.

What does it say about your personality?

If you wear cyberpunk clothing, you’re definitely not afraid to express yourself through style. You always live life on the wild side and are secretly a geek at heart, spending a lot of your spare time playing video games and watching films.

Yet this techwear style is also for the people who love to party and want to make a statement out in public. We wouldn’t be surprised to see you living it up on the dancefloor with your manic moves or even participating in cosplay – you’re always up for something fun.


Reflective Clothing

What is this techwear style?

Reflective techwear outfits are often subtle on the surface, with monochromatic pieces or slogan hoodies and t-shirts which transform into a luminous masterpiece with the shine of your touch or in UV lighting.

Most commonly found at festivals and raves, the reflective style takes techwear from day to night so you can party on the dancefloor in style.

What does it say about your personality?

If you wear reflective techwear clothing, you’re more of a closed book. You’re respectful and sensible and play by the rules when you need to, but you’re also the life and soul of the party when it’s time to celebrate!

You’re potentially more modest and unwilling to brag about your accomplishments, laying low until it’s your time to shine. And, of course, you’ve got impeccable taste in fashion.

The ‘Grey Man’

What is this techwear style?

The grey man is a branch of techwear style centered around anonymity and being as inconspicuous as possible. It’s inspired by the intelligence and security community, where employees would focus on blending into the crowd.

The grey man style often consists of ordinary-looking clothing in muted shades of grey to avoid drawing any eyes. Various textures and shares are included to make this look more interesting and stylish, as long as it still allows the wearer to conceal their abilities and feel anonymous.

What does it say about your personality?

If you wear the grey man style of futuristic clothing, you’re the opposite of flashy. You prefer to live a quiet and unassuming life, never revealing too much about yourself.

You’d prefer to live an undisturbed life if possible, and you could easily go off the grid for days without struggling.

You’re a follower, not a leader, often preferring to be overlooked within a crowd. But while you don’t love the public attention, you’ve always got your own projects and missions going on in your private life.


Performance and Outdoor Enhanced

What is this techwear style?

This is perhaps the most classic techwear look, which includes technical fabrics that are performance-driven and best suited for outdoor activities. Items will often be water-resistant to keep you dry in the rain, yet breathable so you can feel dry and comfortable while keeping active.

These techwear outfits are also designed to be movable and support even the most strenuous of outdoor activities. Materials with odor-resistant properties and improved elasticity are also common.

To top it all off, a techwear mask that filters the air from pollution and assists with breathing is also an absolute staple of this look.

What does it say about your personality?

If you wear this techwear style, you’re likely to be an outdoorsy, active person who’s not afraid of enduring the harshest of elements. You’re determined and committed when it comes to pursuits, so long as you have the best gear to support you through it.

You’re also a smart and practical person, both dressing and making decisions based on function rather than looks. You certainly won’t be falling for any gimmicks!

Most of all, you’re the logical friend who everyone else comes to for advice. You’ve always got a stellar solution up your sleeve.


Function-First Clothing

What is this techwear style?

The functional side of techwear links closely to performance-driven clothing, except this, instead, prioritizes being functional.

Storage capacity is a major feature of these items, with shorts that contain countless pockets or jackets with multiple storage options for all of your items.

Modular attachments are also frequently seen as part of this techwear style, so you can easily add storage to any outfit when you need it. Chest rigs are also rising in popularity to keep your necessities close at all times.

To top it all off, a techwear mask fit with a zipper for easy access is the height of functional fashion.

What does it say about your personality?

We can already tell that you’re not a light packer! Whether it’s your phone, keys, headphones, wallet, or countless other essentials that leave the house with you, you’re always the prepared friend who has a contingency plan for every outcome.

Thanks to your insane organizational skills, you’re probably the friend that we’d trust with our lives. You know exactly what’s going on, what the plan is, and how to get us out of trouble if necessary.

Yet that also comes at a price, as you’re often the friend with a perfectly-timed joke waiting up your sleeve or an insult that we don’t want to mess with!


As you can see, there are countless variants of techwear style now available, and each one can reveal a lot about you as an individual and your personality. But don’t let this be a limitation, however. Techwear is supposed to be fun and empowering, so feel free to mix and match styles or stray away from your supposed personality traits to get your ideal combination. In fact, many who wear techwear outfits feel more comfortable expressing themselves and their true nature by wearing something that is bold, powerful, and a statement. Techwear can help you gain confidence and help you express your unique sense of style.

Did we get your personality right based on your techwear outfits?

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