The World Cup 2022 - Techwear Football Players Love

The World Cup 2022 - Techwear Football Players Love - Techwear Official

The World Cup 2022 - Techwear Football Players Love

With the FIFA World Cup 2022 just around the corner, the eyes of the world will not only be firmly fixed on Qatar but also on the football players themselves. As some of the best football players across the globe take to the pitch in the biggest football tournament in the world, it’s not just their performance and fitness that will be under scrutiny. More often than not, it’s what football players do and wear off the pitch that grabs the most headlines.

Football players inspire people around the globe not just with their athletic abilities but also with how they look and what they wear. With adoring fans and paparazzi around every corner, it’s essential for them to look their best. Fashion and football often go hand-in-hand, with many renowned players like Ronaldo, Messi, and Beckham all launching their own fashion brands. Techwear can have many applications for football players, and techwear style will no doubt make an appearance during the World Cup 2022 as footballers look to combine effortless style with functionality.

Techwear Offers Anonymity and Protection

Football players won’t spend every moment of their time in Qatar on the pitch during the World Cup 2022. No doubt they’ll be looking to enjoy some downtime in a place as exotic and exciting as Qatar. However, whether they’re walking through the airport, grabbing a taxi, or strolling through the streets, you can guarantee a photographer will be around ready to snap them unawares. That’s where techwear outfits can offer more than just a fashion statement.

A key component of techwear is the face mask, whether it’s a simple design like our You Are Not Alone Skull Tube Mask, or a more extravagant full face covering like our From The Abyss Mask. Techwear masks offer the wearer a winning combination of privacy and functionality, making them ideal for a professional football player looking to avoid intrusive paparazzi. Even footballers need time out of the spotlight to relax and prepare for an important game.

Not only that, techwear face masks also offer protection for football players from pollution, which is rife in any built-up city in the world. Like our A Whole New World Air Pollution Mask, techwear face masks protect the wearer from harmful pollution, which can affect their lungs, and when you’re a football player, making sure your lungs are working at their maximum capacity is a top priority. In a post-COVID world, face masks can also protect football players from airborne infections that could affect their performance and even prevent them from playing in the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Style and Comfort - A Winning Combination

Football players are renowned for making bold fashion statements - remember Beckham’s skirt? Techwear offers something that’s quite unique in the fashion world - items that not only look great but are comfortable too. Whether they’re spending hours on a plane or on a coach moving from stadium to stadium, city to city, football players will be on the move constantly during the World Cup 2022. For times like that, comfort is the top priority.

This is where techwear style comes into its own. Items like our Summer Travel Ice Silk Jogger Pants and Play the Earth Smiley Sweatpants provide comfort and durability while traveling for long periods, but they’re perfect for those days when football players are taking a break from their hectic training schedules, whether that’s grabbing coffee with friends, or relaxing by the pool.

Techwear can take something as simple as a T-shirt and turn it into a bold fashion statement. Bold prints, futuristic motifs, and eye-catching accessories like straps and zips are all the rage when it comes to techwear. Like our Time Stands Still Moon T-Shirt and Light Tomorrow Dark T-Shirt, techwear throws away the rule book, offering something completely unique. And for football players, if they know they’re going to be hounded by photographers, they might as well look good doing it!

With techwear it’s not only clothes that can make a statement. Footwear is just as important. Footwear like our unique Back To The Future Lighting High Shoes can really finish off an outfit and add that element of drama and style. And even understated sneakers can benefit from the techwear treatment. For example, our Kick Us Out Sneakers would be just as at home on a red carpet as they are on the street, making them perfect attire for fashion-conscious football players.

Wearable Technology

Techwear outfits aren’t just a fashion statement; it’s about the added functionality they bring to the wearer. You may have noticed in recent years that more and more football players wear a ‘sports bra’ style vest under their playing shirts. Like our Sand Enter The Void Cargo Vest, as well as embracing techwear style, these vests have an added function.

They are fitted with a small GPS device and other equipment that monitors heart rate, the distance a player runs, the intensity and speed of the runs, the number of sprints and accelerations, and even the number of tackles a player makes in a game. For a football player, this data is vital as they head into a tournament on the scale of the World Cup 2022. Furthermore, the data can be used by coaches and managers to allow them to know when to rotate players to avoid injuries.

Turning Up The Heat

When it was announced that the FIFA World Cup 2022 would take place in Qatar, it raised a few eyebrows for a number of reasons. One of them was concern over the heat and the effect it could have on football players and fans alike. Although autumn will be well underway when the World Cup 2022 gets underway in Qatar, temperatures during the day can still creep up to almost 100°F, which could be a shock to those who aren’t used to it, especially football players from traditionally colder countries. Rainfall is also very rare at this time of year in Qatar, so there’ll be no real let-up from the heat.  

Most of Qatar is made up of flat, low-lying deserts, and it’s often hit by sudden and violent dust storms, which have been known to disrupt transportation services in the country. To put it simply, Qatar can be quite a hostile place, especially for athletes. Keeping cool is essential, but by not protecting themselves from the elements, football players risk sunburn and sunstroke, both of which can hamper their performance.

In such conditions, techwear is perfect for its style, but also its durability and versatility. Football players looking to protect themselves from the full force of the sun can benefit from loose-fitting outerwear, like our Getting Back Together Jacket, Love Story Cloak or Diablo Immortal Long Coat. These items protect the body from the sun, but the open-fronted styles allow for optimum ventilation to keep the wearer cool. The addition of funky accessories like our It’s My Life Bracers and Kneepads and Faults Are Sick ice Bracer Gloves can keep arms and legs covered, and can be easily removed if required, which will be helpful to footballers in Qatar during the evenings when the temperature can drop.

It’s not just skin that needs protecting from Qatar’s climate. Dust, sand, and pollution blown up by dust storms can wreak havoc on the eyes, not a good thing for a football player competing in the biggest football tournament in the world, who needs all their senses at their sharpest. The classic accessory for techwear outfits is a pair of stylish yet durable goggles. Our Navigator Tactical Goggles double up as protective eyewear, as well as unique sunglasses. They also add an element of anonymity, perfect for a famous football player looking to dodge the paparazzi. The addition of a techwear face mask, like our For Your Air Pollution Face Mask, will protect the delicate face area still further while reducing exposure to harmful dust, sand, and pollution.

The World Is Watching Qatar

Football players are some of the most famous people on the planet, so what they wear has just as much impact as what they do on the pitch. Techwear can solve many challenges for those competing in the World Cup 2022 with its unique characteristics of functionality, durability, and style. This perfect blend makes it the ultimate fashion style for football players, who are never afraid to be trendsetters. Techwear can even provide a level of anonymity for those moments when football players need some time away from the cameras as they prepare for the extreme scrutiny that comes from competing in the ultimate football tournament.  

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But you don’t have to be a world-class football player competing in the World Cup 2022 to enjoy the style, durability, and functionality of techwear style. In fact, techwear is on the rise worldwide, so why not explore our full range of techwear online.We offer a wide range of techwear clothes to choose from, so whether you want a unique futuristic accessory to make a fashion statement or to dress head to toe in techwear style, we’ve got you covered.


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